Fransisco Dela Cruz

Partner - Translator

Translation is his full-time job for more than twenty (20) years now. Starting as a proofreader in the translation process, he eventually became a language supervisor for the Cebuano language and served in that capacity for more than ten (10) years. Due to his extensive experience and valuable connections, he can easily organize translation teams in the Cebuano, Tagalog/Filipino, Ilokano, and Hiligaynon languages and manage these teams accordingly.

Achilles Santiago

Managing Partner

Started in translation and interpretation about ten (10) years ago. He has experienced the various tasks of the translation process, starting as a proofreader, then progressing to language and content reviewer, then as translator/team leader. His exposure to other industries—working as a Safety/Security Supervisor for more than twenty (20) years in a manufacturing company—and his passion for reading allow him to be effective in industry-specific translations.

Elmer Juntilla

Partner - Translator

One of the most experienced translators of the company. He has been in the business for more than 20 years already. As such, he has experienced the different tasks in the translation process. He is also an experienced interpreter and served as a language coach in several audio/video productions.